over ons


I have been an outdoorsman my whole life and have never been able to sit still.

I grew up in the small town of Sykkylven, Norway, surrounded by forests, mountains and the fiords. I helped out on family farms. My grandparents learned me how to gather food from the wild, trapping and fishing with improvised means and how they survived during WWI & WWII.

My mother was a scout leader, so I also became an active scout and that gave me an opportunity to travel around the country and explore the outdoors from early on. I started hunting at age 14. At age 19 I started in the military and quickly learned that I loved it. In the military I worked with the Norwegian Jeger Battalion and specialised in winter warfare and survival and worked with several other NATO SOF. After my time in the military I have functioned as an instructor in coastal and winter survival for officers through the Norwegian National Reserves. Alongside the military I have also been instructor for the Red Cross and The Norwegian Rescue service.

My goal is to transfer my knowledge and experience onto the Dutch people to make them more comfortable in the outdoors.


Ik ben een echte avonturier en gek op outdoor!

Ik hou van bestemmingen waar bergen zijn.

In mijn vrije tijd hou ik van reizen, muziek, fotografie,

wandelen, films kijken en lekker eten. Ik heb jarenlang in het basisonderwijs en de kinderopvang gewerkt.

Ik heb ook mijn eigen bedrijf voor outdoorfotografie, genaamd Lost in the Woods. www.lostinthewoods.nl

Mijn partner Geir en ik hebben van onze hobby ons werk kunnen maken. Met Basecamp Norway komt een droom uit!